Suzanne Lightfoot
Junior High Language Arts, Math, and Title 1

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6th grade

             Milroy School's 6th Grade Class 216-2017
In Language Arts, we enjoy reading, writing, and speaking in front of the class.  If  you would like to join us or help us out, please let me know!  We would love to have volunteers in our school!  
Mrs. Lightfoot and the 6th Grade Class

 Mrs. Lightfoot's Classroom Expectations


•          I will show respect and consideration to my peers and the adults of this school.  

•          I will address my peers and the adults of this school with appropriate language and tone. 

•          I will practice and adhere to the discipline plan of this school. (Located in the school handbook.)


•          I will bring my notebook, pencil, and a pen to class every day as well as any other supplies stated for the day.  

•          If I am absent, it is my responsibility to arrange to make up missing work.

•          I know Mrs. Lightfoot is available before and after school if I need extra help.

•          I will complete and turn in assignments on time.

 I will be READY

•          I will have my books and supplies binder at my seat before the tardy bell rings.

•          I will write down the Homework Assignment at the beginning of class every day. 

•          I will learn and follow this daily routine.





Missed work: 

  • If I am absent I have the opportunity to make up class work. 
  • I have the same number of days to make up my work that is equal to the number of days I missed school. 
  • If I miss a day that an assignment was due and I was in attendance when the work was assigned I am expected to turn in the work upon my return to class. 
  • If I miss a day when a test was given I must make up the test upon my return to school.
  • If I was absent from the class, but was present for any part of that day I am responsible for turning in any assignment due that day and I do not fall under the guidelines as “absent”. 

Late work: 

  • I am expected to turn in all work when it is due.


  • If I earn a 69% or below on a test I may ask the teacher to take a retest. 
  • I must attempt a retest no later than three days after the test is returned to me. 

Plagiarism and/or Cheating: 

  • Plagiarism is using someone else’s ideas or words as your own without giving proper credit. This is not tolerated.
  • If I am found plagiarizing I will earn a ZERO on the assignment and I may face disciplinary action based on Milroy’s Student/Parent Handbook.