• Spartan Club: Alaskan Adventure

    Spartan Club is a Redwood County 4-H Extension will be meeting on Alternating Tuesdays in March from 3-4:45.  Students will learn about how people travel in Alaska, what animals live in the wilderness of Alaska, and landforms that can be found in Alaska. 

    March 2nd 3-4:45: Planes, trains, automobiles, and ships.  How does one travel in Alasaka?  Some communities have no roads leaving or coming to them.

    March 16th 3-4:45: Alaska's Big 5! We will explore the Alaskan wilderness.  What animals survive there? What alaskan mammal lives in Alaska and Hawaii?

    March 30th 3-4:45: Mountains, rivers, and glaciers.  We will take a look at how Alaska is formed and test our hand at crating our own glacier out of ice cream!