•  To help your preschooler retain knowledge gained during the school year, try to spend 10-15 minutes each day on educational activities!

    Ideas for summer learning:

    *Nature walks, gardening

    *Patterning with toys/silverware

    *Writing or coloring with different materials (sticks in the dirt/sand)

    *Summer packets that went home with preschoolers


    Have a great summer break! 


    Housekeeping Items: 
    * If your child's schedule for before or after school changes please be sure to contact the office or Ms. Lyngen.  
    * If you are picking your child up after school I ask that you meet your child at their locker.
    Parent  Volunteers/Visitors:
    * If you would like to volunteer in the classroom please email Ms. Lyngen at melissa.lyngen@milroyschools.org or send a note in with your preschooler and we can schedule a time.
    * You are welcome to come in and eat lunch with your student(s) as well.  We eat lunch at 11:00 and adult meals are $4.  Please notify Robin in the office or Ms. Lyngen prior to your visit.
    Milk Cards
    *Milk cards are available again this year.  If you would like to purchase a milk card for your preschool student they are $10.00 for 20 milks.  Students with milk cards will then be able to drink a milk at snack time!  If you do purchase a milk ticket for your preschool student I will send a note home when the card is almost empty.