• Star Words Also known as high-frequency words as they show up in reading often. Please practice reading and writing these common words at home. Words that are highlighted are words we are currently or have worked on. The words in black are words will will work on in the future. 

    Unit 1                                                            
    Week 1:  I                                         
    Week 2:  like                                         
    Week 3:  am, do, not, our, who                                  
    Unit 2
    Week 1:the, we                                                                  
    Week 2: go, see, walk                                       
    Week 3: be, man, too, will                              
    Unit 3
    Week 1: can, she, sit                            
    Week 2: a, space                                
    Week 3: at, eat, is, out, was, water                                                                
    Unit 4
    Week 1: has, he, on, left, right                        
    Week 2: little, play, white                             
    Week 3: good, in                                    
    Unit 5
    Week 1: and. you
    Week 2: big, but, cut, up, with, fall, well
    Week 3: her, run
    Unit 6
    Week 1: no, one
    Week 2: for, jump
    Week 3: open, get, down, over, did, going, so, way, young, house
    Unit 7
    Week 1: are, have
    Week 2: said, two
    Week 3: same, help, live, just
    Unit 8
    Week 1: look, me
    Week 2: come, here, yes
    Week 3: it