• I will send home new book orders each month with a due date towards the end of the month, unless there is a holiday. Feel free to let me know if the books are gifts.

    Great news!

    You can order books for your family online! By doing this your order is sent to me and you pay by credit card. Every time you order we earn points to use toward FREE books for our classroom library!

    All you need to do is go to http://www.scholastic.com/bookclub. On the "Parents" page, register by clicking the "Don't have a user name or password?" link. When it asks for the activation code enter: Q9LWR. This code ensures your order is sent to me rather than another teacher. Next, select the books you want to order. You will still receive a paper copy of the scholastic flyers though ordering online is easier and ensures a much faster delivery.
    Thank you for supporting our classroom library!
    Activation code: Q9LWR