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    Frequently Asked Questions about Title I

    What is Title I?

    Title I is designed to give students help in reading and/or math based upon the recommendation of the classroom teacher and performance on standardized tests or formal assessments.

    It involves individual and/or small group help centered on student needs.  The opportunity for additional instruction increases the child’s ability to succeed in reading and/or math.  It also helps the student move toward grade-level academic achievement. 

    How do students qualify for Title I? 
    Fifth through eighth grade students in Milroy School District may qualify based on the following:

                *Teacher observation and recommendation

                *Performance below grade level on the NWEA MAP Test

                *Performance below grade level on classroom assessments

                *Performance below norm on Oral Fluency on the AimsWeb Test

                *Performance on MCA II Tests

                *Report card grades

                *Guided reading level below grade level


    Any student who has a qualifying score in two or more of these areas may be eligible for Title 1 services.

    What interventions are used to help students in Title I? 

    At this time, students who qualify for Math will receive extra help two days a week using math interventions based on individuals’ needs.

    Students who qualify for Reading will be pulled from their general education classes for 25 minutes a day, every day, to work with the Read Naturally program, Daily Reading Practice, or Moby Max.  These programs increase fluency, expression, and comprehension.  Students may be in small groups or work individually with the Title I teacher.

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