• Welcome to Milroy Public Schools! 

    Milroy Public Schools are the result of a community and school working together to ensure children receive an education that empowers them to achieve their individual best.  We are dedicated to operating as a student focused school that strives to always make decisions with our student's best interest in mind.  Through our strong belief in teamwork, staff and community come together in order create a positive environment in which all students feel safe and strive to meet their individual goals.

    Milroy Public School's focus on student achievement, stakeholder involvement, and school growth that promotes opportunities for children has helped create a school that our community is proud of.  With initiatives such as individualized learning plans, electronic readers, and increasing extra curricular opportunities for students we believe our school will provide the foundation for students to achieve their individual best.

    If you have questions about our school please feel free to contact me at 507-336-2563 or by email at the below address.

    Email Address - wade.mckittrick@milroy.k12.mn.us

    Wade McKittrick


Last Modified on January 2, 2012