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Ms. Bautch


Welcome Back to school 6th grade!


      Hello!! My name is Ms Bautch. I am going to be your new 6th grade teacher for the 2018/2019 school year. Before we start the school year, I would like for you to get to know a little bit about me!

       I was born in Winona, Minnesota, to Shannon and Clarence Bautch. I have one younger brother named Ryan, one dog named Cooper and three cats named Harry, Windex, and Brutus. Growing up, both of my parents had jobs but always made sure to come to all my school functions. My mom is teacher at Hope Lutheran High School teaching history, government, computer apps, yearbook, English and accounting while my dad works as an engineer at a company called Watlow Controls.

      During my high school years I had passions for both athletics and the fine arts. While in school, I participated in multiple sports including volleyball, basketball, and softball. I also participated in yearbook, student council, drama club, and theatre.

       In my spare time I love to read books. I can sit down and read for hours on end and when I am finished with the book, I could read it again. I also love to go fishing, four-wheeling, canoeing, hiking, and paddle boarding. When I was younger my family took many camping trips where we would go on the river and camp out on beaches or stay in our camper an hour away from Winona.

One of my favorite camping experiences with my family was the summer before my senior year in high school. My family and I packed up our minivan and pop up camper and drove for a month around the western part of the United States. We stopped in multiple national parks including, Yellowstone, Devils Tower and the Redwood National Park. It was such a fun family experience. I got to play in snow in the middle of the summer up in the mountains and soak up the sun on the beaches in California. I got to see many amazing places and experience so much history.  Even though I had fun at those amazing places, spending time with my family was the most important thing to me.

       My whole life I have always had a desire to teach. While in school, I helped other students with their studies and have helped tutor in multiple classes. My favorite subject to learn and help teach is math. It is such a great topic to study because it has both easy and hard aspects. If you feel like you need to be challenged, math is the perfect topic.

I am excited to get to know you and your student this coming school year.


Thank you!   

          ~ Ms. Bautch