• Students in grades PK-6 are going to decorate gingerbread houses together. Parents/grandparents/aunts/uncles and so on are welcome to join us on Monday, December 2nd at 1:45!


    You are invited to our Winter Program. All students will be performing. We will have both the choirs and bands with special selections and artwork on display. Here is a little bit about the program this year:

    CELEBRATE December traditions center stage this holiday season as 'round the world we go! DISCOVER the special preparations for Chinese New Year, Germany's St. Nicholas Day tradition of a hidden pickle in the Tannenbaum, the seven principles of Kwanzaa from our African ancestors, the miracle and lights of Jewish Hanukkah, the festive atmosphere of Mexico's Las Posadas and Christmas American-style! SHARE the universal messages of peace, hope and goodwill.

    Winter Concert


    Join us for Community Game Day!  Our next game day is Wednesday, December 18th at 12:10.