Early Intervention Services

What is the purpose of early intervention services? 

- The purpose of the program is to help children aged birth through 6, who may be at risk for delay, to attain their developmental potential.

Who should have a referral to early inventions services? 

- A child that is aged birth to 3 that has a delay in development. Examples may be: not meeting normal milestones such as rolling, walking, making sounds, talking, smiling at others, acting out in behavior, and poor social interaction.

- A child that is aged 3 - 6 may have language, gross, or fine motor developmental delays. The parent can conctact the school district directly.

- The child has been diagnosed with a medical condition that may result in a delay. Examples may be: Down Syndrome, respiratory compromise, prematurity, and malnutrition.

Early intervention encompasses a assessment of the child where therapies may be recommended. Therapies may be administered by a early education special education provider, physical therapist, speech therapist, or occupational therapist.  

If the child qualifies for services through the school district, there is usually no cost to the parent. A parent may also decide to use private pay therapy services that their insurance may cover. A child can participate in both. 


If you are concerned about your child's development, you can contact Melissa Kuehn at melissa.lyngen@milroyschools.org or 507-336-2563. Milroy Public School is part of the Help Me Grow program. 

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