September 2019 Minutes

1.      Set Meeting Dates: September, November, January & March-2nd Tuesday of these months from 8:30-9:30


2.       School Health Index-Will be completed at the November Meeting


3.       Healthy eating discussion-discuused taste test, Smarter Lunchroom Assessment set for Friday December 6th from 11:25-12:00

a.       Taste test-may try to offer new whole grain items to students in the Winter (January & February)

b.       Hydration station-SHIP can provide $500 towards project


4.       Physical activity

a.       Discussed the stencils on the floor-SWHHS has stencils that can be borrowed

b.       Playground-may reach out to other schools or communities that are upgrading-contact


5.       Funding

a.       Action for Healthy Kids will open again in the spring usually March or April

b.       United Way of SW Minnesota-community impact grants and small grants