January 2020 Minutes

January 2020 Minutes

1.      Next Meeting Date: March 10  8:30-9:30

2.       Smarter Lunchroom Assessment completed Friday December 6th was discussed.


3.       Taste tests are set for February

a.  Kids cooking class planning for February offering through community education.   


4.       The SHIP grant was able to cover the cost of the newly installed Hydration station.


5.       Physical activity

a.       Discussed the stencils on the floor-SWHHS has stencils that can be borrowed- Summer Project

b.       Playground-may reach out to other schools or communities that are upgrading-contact. Marshall Parks: replacement at Legions Park taking place fall 2019 or spring 2020.  New park added in 2021.

c.        An after school wrestling program begins this month.


5.       Funding

a.       Action for Healthy Kids https://www.actionforhealthykids.org/school-grants-support/ will open again in the spring usually March or April

b.       United Way of SW Minnesota-community impact grants and small grants--Continued discussion